Welcome To PRORES

Would you like to cut operating cost? Enhance oil recovery?

PRORES is an independent consultancy and technology company with extensive experience and expert knowledge within the fields of petroleum consulting and software engineering. Together with our partners we provide a full range of petroleum consulting and software engineering services. We also license our industry standard SCAL analysis software tool – Sendra.

Our goal is to maintain a position as the preferred supplier within our core business areas. – Try us. Challenge us.

Our Core Business Areas

  • Production optimization & allocation
  • Early phase field screening & farm-in studies
  • IOR/EOR studies
  • SCAL studies
  • Sendra support & maintenance
  • Technology & service innovation


  • Sedimentology
  • Petrophysical modelling
  • Facies modelling
  • Structural modelling
  • Volumetric calculation
  • Core description
  • Depositional modelling


  • Seismic interpretation
  • AVO analysis and seismic inversion
  • Petrophysical interpretation
  • Geomechanical evaluation
  • Seismic to well-tie
  • Velocity modelling
  • Prospect evaluation


  • IOR/EOR evaluation and design
  • Dynamic reservoir simulation
  • Welltest analysis
  • Core flood simulation
  • Advanced well design
  • Mass balance calculations
  • Water flood design


  • Production optimization & allocation
  • Clean up design
  • Well performance evaluation
  • Numerical flow modelling
  • Drilling engineering
  • Plug and abandonment


  • Sendra software for SCAL analysis
  • Automated production allocation
  • Software consultancy services
  • Petrel plug-in development
  • Legacy software integration
  • Application development


  • Cross-disciplinary cooperation
  • Fast-track projects
  • NPV analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost and time analysis
  • Project management
“We know the allocation is wrong, we’re not receiving enough oil.”
“Sendra software is state-of-the-art.”
SCAL expert