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About Us

PRORES E&P is an oil and gas company established in 2015 with headquarters in Trondheim, Norway. The company is wholly owned by it’s 17 employees and looks for opportunities on the Norwegian continental shelf.

PRORES E&P is a part of the PRORES group, together with the sister companies WellGuard AS, WellStarter AS and PRORES AS.

The Team

Our team is multidisciplinary with expert knowledge within the fields of geophysics, reservoir and production engineering in addition to drilling and software engineering. We have acquired skills and experience from working with recognized players in the oil service industry and R&D community.

This makes us different to other oil companies, as we are used to developing new products and services, and we intend to bring this innovative company culture into the oil industry.


The PRORES group is an environment where new ideas are born. The best of these are introduced to the industry with professional execution. Check out WellGuard, a breakthrough in surveillance of abandoned wells created by PRORES.

As an oil and gas company, PRORES E&P aims to push for innovative solutions in the licenses we participate in. We intend to save costs by tying our partners close to us, sharing both pains and gains, to make sure everybody is pulling in the same direction. This business model diverge from the traditional business model and must do so to enable us to exploit opportunities others cannot.

Seeing EOR opportunities

Over many years in the service industry we have seen potential in oil fields not being utilised due to risk-averse attitudes in oil companies.

With technical know-how of the petroleum technology disciplines EOR opportunities may be identified and appropriately developed. Such opportunities are related to well intervention, plug and abandonment, production and allocation strategy and more.

With the right partners and solutions these apparent problems turns into opportunities, creating value for the risk-takers and the Norwegian society.

The road ahead – PRORES E&P timeline


PRORES E&P aims to participate in two intervention opportunities before the end of 2016.


After a successful intervention operation PRORES E&P will be in position to own shares of fields we deem promising, by 2018 PRORES E&P will hold shares in oil fields.


Our long term goal is to participate in field developments, by 2020 PRORES E&P will participate in such operations as an active partner to the operator.



Our employees have extensive experience from R&D institutions like:

  • Sintef
  • Statoil R&D
  • Resman
  • NTNU
  • Schlumberger
  • Weatherford

Working with:

  • Development of LEDA dynamic flow simulator
  • Tracer technology
  • Surveillance of plugged wells
  • Software development

Service industry

Since 2005 PRORES AS (and it’s predecessors) has delivered expert studies to over 40 oil companies like:

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Statoil
  • DONG Energy
  • Det norske
  • Lukoil

Examples of scope of work are:

  • Transient well test analysis
  • Production optimization
  • SCAL quality control
  • Well intervention and EOR
  • Tailor-made software to client specification

PRORES as an oil company

For almost a decade, PRORES has performed tasks traditionally done by oil companies. We have delivered onshore and offshore field development studies to:

  • Petrom/OMV, Romania: Bustuchini Field
  • ONGC, India: Gamij Field
  • Pemex, Mexico: Chicontepec/Aleman Field
  • Repsol, Algeria: Tiferine Field
  • Donetsksteel, Ukraine: Pokrovskoje Mine Coal Bed Methane Degassing
  • ONGC, India – Tapti Daman Field
  • Lukoil, Russia – Yuzhno-Vyintoyskoye Field

PRORES AS has also managed oil fields on behalf of clients, running day-to-day operations for 2 years on a field in the North Sea.

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